It's time to call a pro for a mold inspection

A mold problem is a hassle for any homeowner. If you've spotted mold on your property, you'll want to get a mold inspection as soon as possible to stop mold growth in its tracks. Triple H Inspections in Caledonia, MN can handle your mold testing. We'll inspect any areas of your home with mold and provide a full report on what we find.

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The importance of a professional mold inspection

While you may just want to throw cleaning supplies at your mold problem and hope it goes away, a mold inspection is the most sure-fire way of making your problem disappear. With an inspection, you'll know:

Where mold grows in your home
What kind of mold you're dealing with
What steps you need to take to get rid of it

If you have a mold problem, our skilled professional can examine every part of your home, identify your mold and let you know what to do about it. Reach out to us now for mold testing services.